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Bishkek - Konorchek canyons - Cholpon-Ata - Grigoriev gorge - Semenov gorge - Karakol - Ak-Sai canyons - Bishkek
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Day 1
We start from Bishkek at 8 AM and head to the Issyk-Kul lake - the second biggest alpine lake in the world after Titicaca in South America. This lake is also known as the pearl of Kyrgyzstan, its altitude is 1607 m above sea level. En route we stop to visit Konorchek canyons and we will make a walk of 3-4 hours there and back to have a beautiful view to the landscapes. Then we continue our way to Issyk-Kul, arrive to Cholpon-Ata resort town situated on the north shore of the lake. Visit to the open-air museum of petroglyphs (stone drawings) dated from 2000 BC to 4th century AD. Accommodation in a guest house in Cholpon-Ata.
Day 2
Depart from Cholpon-Ata to Grigoriev gorge, also situated in the north of the lake. This gorge is largely known by its magnificent nature and Tien-Shan firs. Walking to the Semenov gorge, that is adjacent, by admiring incredible views, and we continue our road to Karakol town - the administrative centre of Issyk-Kul region. There we have 2 places of interest - The Holy Trinity Church, constructed by Russian in 19th century and made of wood, and The Dungan Mosque, made without using any nails. Accommodation in a guest house in Karakol.
Day 3
We continue by going along the south short of Issyk-Kul. En route we take a turn to see incredible Ak-Sai canyons and will try to climb the panoramic view (this possibility, however, depends on the weather - if it's rainy, it can be dangerous to enter this canyon). Continuation of our road to Bishkek, we will arrive to the capital late in the afternoon. Accommodation in a hotel. If needed, escort to the airport (extra 80$ for the whole group). End of the program.
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The price of the tour includes:
  • Experienced guide
  • Food: breakfast, lunch and dinner every day
  • Accommodation during the trip
  • Experienced driver and petrol costs
  • Entrance fees to the place of interest (Open air museum in Cholpon-Ata)
Additional costs ≈5000 som (65 $):
  • Any personal purchases (souvenirs etc.)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Transfer to the airport (+ $80 for the whole group)
The price of the tour doesn't include:
  • Flight tickets
  • Insurance cost
  • Accommodation in Bishkek before the start of the tour
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